Sheppey St John Ambulance Band

Recently we announced that this years Virtual Corps of Drums competition had been won by the Sheppey St John Ambulance Band.

Want to know more about the winners? Then read on....

Sheppey St John Ambulance Band has been established since 1946.

We are currently the only marching St John Ambulance Band left in our organisation and at our
strongest with 40 fully qualified First Aid members and musicians. Our age range spans from our youngest member at 10 to our eldest 84, so we have a broad and diverse range of abilities and playing levels.

We have performed at various events including Ypres, Menin Gate, Disney Land Paris, Remembrance Service London, Royal Albert Hall, Lord Mayors Parade to name a few.

Leading from the front is the 12 strong Side Drum Section, accompanied by 3 Bass Drummers, 2 Tenor Drummers as well as comprehensive cymbal section.

The Drum section skills/knowledge and repertoire has been handed down through several generations of drummers with family members coming up through the ranks.

We practice as a band once a week, with members also practicing at home. Our “home” is the Sheerness Headquarters of St John Ambulance, being one of the largest divisions in the county there are set days available for us to practice. Our neighbours regularly attend our fund raising functions and probably know our repertoire as well as we do.

We have an impressive Brass section ranging from Trumpets, Saxophones to Baritones as well as a probably the largest section of glockenspiel players left in marching bands today.

There is the almighty cymbal section where everyone starts off on, however the age range enables all generations to play with us, truly a section that encourages everyone to feel part of our band.

Some of our members are full time musicians within the teaching profession, however with regular rehearsals we like to think we are more of a #bandfamily - a group of volunteers and friends from all walks of life who enjoy the weekly playing and social sides of the band.

We have done several "distant" band practises to keep in touch with everyone, one has reached over 35,000 people worldwide, why not check out our Facebook page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Our Facebook page is found searching Sheppey St John Ambulance Band

We would like to thank Andy Cracknel, Media & Broadcast Director and the team at Ceremonial News for this award, it has lifted the sprits of everyone in these unprecedented times we are all facing.