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Tuesday 2nd June

Newton Newton Flags Ltd 

Memorial Day Draw

Newton Newton Flag Ltd are a small family business, started by Cliff (Dad) and Georgina (Mum) in 1975.


Selina and Tracy, Directors of the company have decided it would be nice every year in their memory to donate a new standard with matching cords and tassels and a pole.


This is NOT Royal British Legion exclusive – this is open to ANY Association, Regimental Association, Youth Association etc.


No page likes if you don’t want to.

No shares if you don’t want to.

No ulterior motive.


The ONLY requirement (and THE most important one) being – the standard, cords & tassels and pole MUST be COLLECTED in person from PE24 5AD so a photo can be taken.

If you have no means of collecting – please do not enter.

These will NOT be posted at either our expense – or your own.


You need to send an email to

The subject heading needs to read - FOUNDERS MEMORIAL STANDARD DRAW


The ONLY thing we need in the email is the following:

·       Your name

·       Your phone number

·       Your email address

·      The name of the branch / organisation / association / youth or cadet movement you are nominating


Nothing else - No sob story or pleading will make your nomination stand out more than anyone else’s and will NOT be entered.

Please read the following carefully.

Nominations need to have been received by EMAIL ONLY by August 14th 2020 to

Your email will get responded to with a NUMBER

(allow 48 hours if you email over a weekend!)

That will be your draw number.


If you think you’ve entered yet don’t have a number – we won’t have received your email and therefore you will not be entered.


The draw will take place LIVE on Facebook on Tuesday 1st September 2020 which would have been Mum & Dad’s Wedding Anniversary.


ALL entries will be placed in one of Dad’s many Hats and drawn.


We no longer allow this package to be gifted.

If you don’t need or want a new standard - please don’t enter but give the heads up to someone else you know needs one - if they can COLLECT IN PERSON.

Founders Memorial Draw 2019 WINNERS

Astrea Academy Dearne (CCF) in Goldthorpe

We did a LIVE draw on the 2nd September 2019 and on Monday 4th November 2019 we had the pleasure of welcoming Sean Guy (Science Teacher), Hannah Parkin (DofE Coordinator) along with Bailey (whose winning entry was drawn) and Sophie all from the Astrea Academy Dearne (CCF) in Goldthorpe, Rotherham.


We have dealt with Sean over the years under his other ‘cap’ as a member from Mirfield RBL and it was Sean who had seen the post and brought it to the attention of the school.


Having spoken with Hannah, this was far more about just winning some competition, Hannah had made it into an educational exercise and had taught the children how to follow instruction, compose and send an email.


The fact they won was the cherry on the cake...

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