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To help keep this media outlet running we need the support from military and associated companies. This can be in form of a yearly sponsorship.

We have created three large packages below. If these do not meet your financial budget then get in touch as we're more than happy to develop a bespoke package for you.

Our sponsorship packages are open to any business including any of the following:

- Flag Manufacturers

- Military Supplies Outlets

- Vehicle Manufactures

- Ceremony Suppliers

- Associations

- Military Charities

- Event Support Companies

- Uniform Suppliers

If your company does not fall within these categories then get in touch with our team. 

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Website Sponsorship.png
Event Advertising

Our page can be updated on a regular basis to incorporate your event advert. 

Here at Ceremonial News are pleased to support any parade, ceremony or military event in the UK. This can be anywhere from the coast in Cornwell right up to the Highlands. We will support you in anyway we can. 

Poster Display Prices - 

On-Line website -   £15 for 3 weeks

                                  £25 for 5 weeks

                                  £30 for 8 weeks

Facebook Event  - £35 for 8 weeks prior  to the end. 

Please Note - If these durations do not suit your requirements then get in touch as we'd be pleased to support you and your event.
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