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Our channel is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to update the ceremony community on any parades, news, interview updates.

Ceremonial News are here to help and support any ceremony, parade, military event around the UK. 

Videos can be seen and watched either direct from our Facebook pages and other social media platforms or from our Youtube channel. 



Ceremonial News are proud to support any events. These could be Military Parades, Beating Retreats, Cadet Ceremonies and even Military and Civilian Marching Band Events.

Whether this be with pre-event advertising (prices available on request), live broadcasting from an event or post event feedback. 

Event Advertising

Our page can be updated on a regular basis to incorporate your event advert. 

Here at Ceremonial News are pleased to support any parade, ceremony or military event in the UK. This can be anywhere from the coast in Cornwell right up to the Highlands. We will support you in anyway we can. 

Poster Display Prices - 

On-Line website -   £15 for 3 weeks

                                  £25 for 5 weeks

                                  £30 for 8 weeks

Facebook Event  - £35 for 8 weeks prior  to the end. 

Please Note - If these durations do not suit your requirements then get in touch as we'd be pleased to support you and your event. 

Event Broadcasting

Ceremonial News are able to bring you our portable broadcast studio to your event. Broadcasting live from your event helps put you on the map. Bring live updates, stories and pictures to the wider trucking community.

We can do everything from roving cameras and reporters, interviews with organising staff, chatting to your visitors and event featuring your sponsors and exhibits. 

Our stream can be streamed live to

 - Your social media channels 

 - Your website

 - Our news channel

 - Our Website. 

With the connections we have around the events industry, we're able to offer a wide range of broadcasting solutions. We can supply everything from radios stations to publication printing.

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